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  • October 17, 2020

About Us

ClickSplat? What an odd name... is the brainchild and alter ago of Dan King. It is all about the creative endeavors of Writing, Marketing and general Digital Exploration in the world of inter-connected hard-drives we call the Internet.

The internet has become a massive web (pun intended) of useful information, tools, cloud-based software, entertainment, and generally useless junk. Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and a few others have made it somewhat easier to navigate this incredibly large, inter-connected heap of ones and zeros. However for many people, it is still a somewhat mysterious entity that they neither can explain with any amount of detail nor navigate very easily.

Standing Out

The web is still somewhat in its infancy, and it will only continue to grow and develop as time goes by. One of the huge advantages the web has brought us has been promotion and marketing. In years past, billboards, street benches, buses and magazine ads were the only ways to promote your idea or business, and they were all pretty expensive undertakings. The Internet has enabled a somewhat level playing field for those who know what they are doing.

As a large business, the challenge of standing out when your competition could literally be every other website that exists, is very difficult. Digital Marketing teams devote their workdays now to promotion and advertising in the digital medium to help large corporations land the big deals that massive teams of sales people used to land.

As a small business, the local scene is already filled with established eateries, clubs, boutiques, coffee shops, etc. You need foot traffic and word-of-mouth, but how do you "break in" while devoting your time to YOUR business?

As an entertainer or artist, you are trying to move the needle in your direction in order to get a few more people to come to your art show, bar gig, solo performance, or stadium tour. Social Media has enabled us to get that needle pointing a little bit more in our direction, but it is still very hard for those who want to devote their lives to their art rather than the hard work of promotion.

This website is about tackling challenges like these. It is also about getting the most out of the internet and making it work for you. I hope you will spend much time on these pages learning, growing, and even working with me to grow and promote your idea, art or business!

About ClickSplat

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