What are the Most Popular Types of Blogs?

There are many different types of blogs online these days. Millions of people have tried their hand at blogging, some with great success, others with very little. When starting a blog, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is, "What are the most popular types of blogs?" While there are many reasons for asking this question, if you are interested in making your blog a success, or even making money with your blog, it will be of great help to know which subjects tend to have the largest audiences.

While your blogging niche does not necessarily have to be a popular one for you to be successful as a blogger, this post is going to give you an overview of the top blogging subjects.

1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are hugely popular and are likely one of the biggest types of blogs on the internet today. Fashion blogging is a massive industry with a audience on a global scale. The big fashion bloggers get invites to big events and sometimes get deals with major brands. For this reason, the fashion blogging scene is very competitive and is somewhat hard to break into. Getting noticed in this niche is much harder because the stakes are high and there are so many players including the top fashion writers which usually write for the major magazines.

There is money to be made if you can set yourself apart and create a niche for yourself. Plan to supplement your blog with a heavy dose of social media presence (especially Instagram and Pinterest) in order to get noticed and drive readers to your site.

2. Food Blogs

Who doesn't love food? Food blogs are consistently popular and readers of all backgrounds love to read them. Whether its a health-conscience fitness addict looking to add a little more protein to his/her diet, an expecting mother looking to stay in tip-top shape during pregnancy, or just a person who loves to cook and try new recipes, food blogs are for almost everyone. For this reason food blogging is one of the most popular types of blogs.

3. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are valuable to a large segment of the population as they can be both entertaining and informative. Planning a vacation to Greece next summer? Want to hit the links with your high-school buddies in Scotland? How about a weekend getaway in Destin? Travel blogs can be incredibly helpful in planning any trip or getaway you have in mind.

4. Health & Fitness Blogs

Health and Fitness blogs are extremely popular. There is never a shortage of people who are looking to get in shape, lose weight, or who are simply looking to be healthier. There is a very wide variety of subjects that can be covered by a Health & Fitness blog. Bloggers in this niche tend to write about subjects like:

  • Workout plans for specific types of people or body shapes/sizes
  • Supplements that can help readers get the most from their workouts and/or diets
  • Diet plans for those who are looking to lose weight
  • Recipes and meal planning
  • Weight lifting and proper technique

5. Finance Blogs

There is a constant need for people to get their finances in better shape. For this reason there will always be blogs that focus on Personal Finance. These blogs tend to focus on the following:

  • Retirement planning
  • General investment advice
  • Household and family budgeting
  • Insurance

If you are thinking about blogging in this particular space you really need to have some amount of professional expertise in your particular area of finance. Readers will want to know your background and level of expertise before they will be likely to follow you or put trust in your posts and articles. If you are a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or have passed the Series 6 (Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Qualification Examination) or Series 7 (General Securities Representative) exams you might be qualified to write in this particular niche.

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